Yamaha CF6 Grand Piano
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Yamaha CF6 Grand Piano


The CF Series pianos are characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances. The CF Series pianos can "sing" phrases with a depth of expressiveness rarely heard. The seven foot long CF6 sounds almost like a nine foot concert grand with its rich open sound, and its action is quick and responsive.

The size of the rim and the processes used to manufacture it have been overhauled to provide greater strength. This gives the instrument a firmer feel and provides support for a presence that can be felt in the farthest regions of a hall.

The coils have been overhauled to provide better bass sound.

Bridge materials
Materials used in production have been reevaluated to match the new design of the CF series. String tension balance has also been rethought to provide a stable, clear sound.

Soundboard shaping techniques have been improved to allow the soundboard to vibrate freely and provide the maximum amount of resonance, giving the instrument a spacious sound with a strong attack.

Hammer material is carefully selected, and the hammers themselves have been redesigned to emphasize a balance with the overall instrument design.

This design focuses on the piano legs and KEYBOARD ENDS
An appearance that embodies "Power and Beauty," the concept behind the CF Series. These pianos have a beautiful, eloquent silhouette that inspires an impression of tone. (The design features less unnecessary elements in the shape, to avoid impeding the creativity and expression of the performer. Every part, from the legs and supports, to the sideboards and rear of the soundboard, have been joined together beautifully, giving a pure, simple silhouette intended to enhance the appearance of the performer. )

Lid (surface, edges)
The lid edges feature a new design that offers a better overal balance with the legs and keyboard ends.

Pedal box
Internal mechanisms build on the heritage of the models preceding the CFIIIS, with a design that features a new configuration intended to provide superior playability.

CF pianos feature an improved finish that offers a deeper black and a better gloss.

Frame / Serial number logo / Lid lock knob
A new design that showcases the CF6's identity as Yamaha's flagship piano.

The CF6 feature a new grid layout for the tuning pin area for improved attack, tone, and sustain.


CabinetColor Polished Ebony
Finish Polished

DimensionsWidth 159cm
Height 102cm
Depth 212cm

Control Interface
KeyboardNumber of Keys 88
Key Surfaces - White Ivorite
Key Surfaces - Black Ebony
PedalType Sostenuto

LidProp Positions 3
Prop Safety Stop Yes
Edge Beveled
Key CoverLid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Soft-Close Fallboard Yes

Available in the following finish:
Polished Ebony   -   £68,899

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01367 244 554

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