Yamaha C3XA Grand Piano
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Yamaha C3XA Grand Piano


In the Class XA, Yamaha enhanced the design of the soundboard, the ribs, and the braces – those components of the piano that are most important to the quality of its sound – and even went so far as to select a new type of music wire. Implemented in the pursuit of the perfectly balanced instrument, these design changes have borne fruit as follows.


Soundboard and ribs
In order to give shape to the rich reverberation of the Class XA, Yamaha focused
on the soundboard' s crown. The piano' s strong ribs have been redesigned and
glued to the soundboard, resulting in a perfectly shaped crown with excellent

In order to integrate the braces perfectly with the soundboard, the ribs, and the
instrument as a whole, their design has been totally revamped – for example, the
back beam, which is located behind the key bed, is now considerably larger.
Thanks to these enhancements, the piano delivers a sound that is solid
and sustained, powerful and splendidly resonant.

Music wire
To accentuate the acoustic properties of the instrument as a whole, the Class
XA features a new type of music wire, capable of producing a wonderfully
bright, highly present sound.

Music holder
The music holder has been redesigned for the pianist who appreciates the joy
of playing just as much as the piano' s exquisite tone, with a shape that
embodies the rich sound and exquisite tone of the Class XA.
Meanwhile, the lamp stand on the right-hand side sports the Class XA insignia
with pride. These, together with a host of other enhancements, conjure up an
air of luxury while portraying a visual interpretation of the piano' s sound.


CabinetColor Polished Ebony
Finish Polished

DimensionsWidth 149cm(59")
Height 101cm(40")
Depth 186cm(6'1")
WeightWeight 320kg(704lbs)

Control Interface
KeyboardNumber of Keys 88
Key Surfaces - White Ivorite®
Key Surfaces - Black Wood composite
PedalType Sostenuto

LidProp Positions 3
Prop Safety Stop Yes
Edge Sculptured
Key CoverLid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Soft-Close Fallboard Yes

Available in the following Colours/Finishes:
Polished Ebony   -   £24,999

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01367 244 554
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